Apr 7, 2008


Some dreams for Monday

You Don't Know Me _ Apparat
Limelight _ Apparat
Apparat's new album Walls is one of the most beautifully produced albums I've heard this year. If your into amazingly rich beats, you should definitely give this album a check out every track on it is flawless.

Run Into Flowers _ m83 _ Jackson's midnight Fuck Remix
Despite its harsh intonation it is one of the dreamiest remixes of the noise band m83 I've ever heard, put on your headphones and submerse yourself in this track.

Nylon Smile _ Portishead _ The Scienticians Remix (v2)
Picked this one up on Get Weird Turn Pro, still continues to pump out some of my favorite tracks every week. Cheers mate.

Wanderlust _ Bjork _ Ratatat Remix
This track has been floating around the music blogs, and with good reason, its enormously beautiful

Have a happy Monday.


E-LGL said...

big ups n the monday mp3s, i think everyone needed em ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention mate ;)