May 10, 2008


WHITE GIRL LUST + DREDAY broke it the f* down @ the Solid Bump party celebrating the release of the West Coast Bump Remixes EP (available on itunes here it's only like $3) [ or if you're an audiophile like myself you can get it on beatsource ]

With the mashup artist gaining popularity you have to watch out for guys like this. If it was mashable they mashed it, there was even a Grease - Summer Lovin break down [see video here]. Anyone who was there would know that all of these guys definitely knew what they were doing, and it was makin' yo rump shake.

heres some music you can practice at home with:

White Girl Lust - Tail Light Bump (DreDay Remix)

White Girl Lust - Come On My Love (Krames Street Player Remix)

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (DreDay Remix)
[one of my personal favorites Kavinsky is a P.I.M.P and DreDay takes it to a whole new level]

*here are some pictures + video from the fucking release party*

Yeah... you like that?
well how about this?

From the lovely Decatur AL, whereverthatis: J-Chot
Originally a breakcore artist (isn't it funny how they are all becoming mashers / hiplectrorockers) heres some hiprockin beats:

Ying Yang Twins - Shake it Like A Salt Shaker (J-Chot Naked Remix)

J-Chot - Everybody Baltimore

Gonna try and bring this guy out to Denver one of these days, after he's done having babies.
J-Chot on Fantasy Violence Records