Nov 3, 2008


no.1 - i saw Barbarella for the first time this weekend. it is too good. Matmos named themselves after the omniprescent force that drives the plot of this movie. if you haven't seen it, see it. if you have, read a little bit about it... here


no.2 - this is a shout out.
as you may have noticed, dear reader, COLORTONIC has taken a turn, musically speaking, to the more avant-garde side of my taste buds; which is not to say i've lost my love for musique d'electroniques i've just been putting more focus into other interests. in any case, sir ASIAN man DAN you've restored some of my confidence in the bloghouse genre. love it.

these Late of the Pier remixes are awesome, I will be keeping them on my radar for sure! He posted some live music by them too, here.

I can't get enough of these remixes though, I've been listening all weekend

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Breakbot Remix)
find yrself a new boy! [orig post]
Late of the Pier - Space and Woods (Dubka Remix)
can't deal - Dubka interview here

also this Zongamin remix of Ratatat is wilde, like its name it sounds like a washed out payote dance remixed into the tribal-future-rave sound of Zongamin. it has tones and textures used by projects like Rainbow Arabia, El Guincho or Panda Bear in short, this is brilliant. this is one of those i can put on repeat, repeat, repeat.

Ratatat - Shempi (Zongamin Remix)

[orig post here]

k. so i'll admit that was kindof a cop out / copy paste



they are coming to denver and playing with my good friends Slight Harp (Colortonic rmxz of them coming soon btw) holy shit. i am so excited. i'm going to die of awesome. every song on the new album Saint Dymphna is fucking brilliant, i can't deal.

Gang Gang Dance - First Communion

Gang Gang Dance - House Jam

sold yet?

Friday Nov 7th @ Larimer Lounge

dont miss this!!

[myspace fr GangGangDance]

k killers. rock out @ yr futureRavez


Asian Dan said...

Thank you for the kind words sir.

johnElectric said...

i'm a maverick!