Apr 13, 2008


hello midnight juggernauts

I only know you're coming because I caught the flier hanging on the kickboard at Benny Blancos (the best drunken slice you'll ever have on 13th tgfbb). In anycase, I'm terribly excited, these guys are really amazing artists, they'll be playing at the Hi-Dive on April 29th! BANGIN! The album, Dystopia, sounds like a fuselage of Cut Copy and Digitalism. It's funky enough to classify as synthtron but nue-raver-dance-rock enough to consider banger! Epic, poetic, intrigue ensnares the mind while their lyrics spill out like waterfalls of sound. DON'T MISS THIS GUYS!!

Road To Recovery - Midnight Juggernauts
probably the staple track on the Dystopia album, it epitomizes the feeling of the whole album

Divine Midnight (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) - Sebastien Tellier
recently featured on Panda Toes who I've become quite fond of

See you at this one for sure.