Apr 26, 2008


It's f*cking snowing in Denver right now. NOT COOL.

Just bought my tickets for Brooklyn leaving May 14th!!

So basically fidget house is the new not fidget house. I feel like when I play it out I'll be playing it at slightly slower tempo, but I love that the beat is rockin and is has super-wubby-bass elements and choppy vocals; my two favorite elements of electronic music.

Crookers is the HOMEBOY for fidget house and one of my favorite artists in the genre. His remixes take whomp to a new level. This Dusty Kid remix is so fresh! Check it and wreck it.

Dusty Kid - The Cat - Crookers Remix
Stylophonic - Baby Beat Box - Crookers Remix

Djago Buiza is rockin' dont even know where he came from. He's probably most popular for Scratch Up The Music (youtube). I actually prefer this other track, Time 2 Get Loose to the more popular one.

Djago Buiza - Scratch up The Music
Djago Buiza - Time 2 Get Loose

This track is from some MixMag sampler CD from like 2007 or something. A classic, and one of my all time favorites. Hijack is a p-i-m-p.

HiJack - Can't Touch

Stereoheroes are moving up in the list of artist that I've been keeping my eyes on, this original ertrack definitely has caught my attention. I got it off of So Fresh! which is a super-banger blog.

Stereoheroes - Washout

I'm such a fan of the original Shake It To The Ground by Blaqstarr featuring the cutest little thing RyeRye (you tube it) I thought most of the remixes were pretty lackluster but this Claude VonStroke remix is really touching.

Blaqstarr Feat RyeRye - Shake it to the Ground - Claude VonStroke Remix

Alright and finally lets get faggetronic with this wicked Milkshake brings all the bois to the ya'd remix by dj so and so. A little up-tempo rave-town but nothing Live can't tweak, the beats are sick.

Kelis - Milkshake - Man Eat DJ & Jizm Remix

(dj name is a little homoerotic as well hmm... is he saying that he likes Dj Man Jizm?)

enjoy the tracks.


Matt said...

lol @ faggetronic

Amazone said...

Ahah thaks for the comment for my blog dude, it's now translated (I try, I try..)in english!!

Anonymous said...

Crookers is two people.