May 21, 2008


  • you can't do everything in five days
  • what a bodega is
  • bratwurst
  • everyone is very busy
  • [hasidic] jews love rules, funny hats and double strollers
  • risotto is delicious
  • fish are super cool
  • phish is not super cool
  • don't trust anything brandon wolcott says ;)
  • wolf+lamb do not make water bottles
  • have a biscuit
no. 12: Williamsburg is amazing. I hope to live there one day. Williamsburg is a fart in the face to the cold demeanor often thought of New York life style. Instead of hearing bitches and hos gettin shot up for their skag money or the sneer of business men pushing me out of their way the only sounds I enjoyed where laughter and music in a plethora of languages, also the hebrew megaphone blastings that occurred during the weekend from volunteer cars that resembled ambulances. Not to say that said shots and sneers are not happening some where else in NYC but Williamsburg tended to evade this Big-Applian prototype. Parts of it was down right hip and artsy. Flea markets and local retailers sold the coolest clothes at starving-artist affinitive prices. Chic restaurants and cute drink bars dotted corners. The words vegan and vegetarian were far from remote, which reminded me of home. The streets were covered in art, there were almost no walls laden bare. I spent five days in New York, most of which I spend in the same 13 block radius, and I was pretty cozy with that. I visited just a couple parks, a couple bodegas, a couple parties and I was completely exhausted by the end regardless.

I had to get a little touristy while I was visiting the big apple, so here we go with a couple snaps from the city, queens, a drag show and some friends.

*you can view the full album here

Next stop was is the Wolf + Lamb Party that happened on Thursday with a ridiculous live techno set by Nicolas Jaar, including a live sax by Epstein... The music was amazing, the wolf+lamb warehouse is a masterpiece, set right downtown in Williamsburg with roof access, newly added hardwood flooring. There was an open PBR fridge, of which I indulged myself with a little bit too much, by 5am I was well done. Rawesome times guys thanks!

unt some sexy video from the party



On Friday I played my first set EVER (played on LIVE too) at this bangin house party: the Tijuana Wedding

I played some dance rockish stuff for the premier johnElectric set... aptly everything that could go wrong pretty much did as far as the sound went. The sub kept going out and we had a couple noise complaints. I was asked to play Brtiney Spears and some old school hip-hop. Had a little beer spilled on my laptop, a pinada broken over it, and some rocks thrown I think... I don't know. We faked a riot and had a real priest marry multiple people at once... it got pretty krunky, real quick. THANKS MISHA for letting me do this, It was terrible fun!

If you guys really want I'll post up the set... The tracks are great but due to all of the technical difficulties the mix itself is a little shotty.

After that we hit up the Raster Noton Showcase as part of the Bunker at Galapagos. This music was absolutely ridiculous! All hardware --sounds that were indescribable.... definitely one of the musical highlights of my trip. These videos are a must see for you experimental / headfunk lovers. +3 VIDEOS ON VIMEO HERE+ also a few pictures available for your viewing pleasure :here:

I'd mentioned some amazing street art around Williamsburg, I've compiled some of it into a slide show, the full album is available :here:

Pretty rawesome.

Damnit Brooklyn, you've really capitulated my heart, I literally cried while pulling out of the flight dock. I know, god johnny don't be such an emo. But whatever, I had a great time, the people I met were wholesome, the sounds were amazing and the art was tantalizing. Special thanks to Brandon (Smirk) for inviting me out and giving me a place to stay; And to Zev and Gadi (Wolf+Lamb), SM+Eti and Michael White for inviting me to their amazing home, you people are truly special and I sincerely hope this will not be our last encounter. Also to Julian, who met me in Queens after getting dropped off at the airport in a city I've never visited on my own. And who could forget Kate? We became closer friends while out there, can't wait to have you back here.


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