Apr 14, 2009


Oh man. Twitter... micro blogging... the future... it almost makes no sense to blog music anymore, you have to worry about music breaking copyright infringements and getting your posts deleted and stuff. All of the big music blogs ie Pitchfork, DiscoBelle, BigStereo, MissingToof, etc etc have kind of taken over. I don't have anything really new to offer. I'm not really a great writer. I think I'm going to focus COLORTRONIC more on my Artwork and video posts and less on music. I'm going to keep blogging shoes on SHOEGAYZR and hopefully one day make the SHOEGAYZR COFFEE TABLE BOOK!

So even though scientists are saying that Twitter actually might be dangerous because it is warping our minds to desensitize tragedy or something...

Here's my Twitter address


and my Blip.Fm address


Follow me, into the future....

Oh and just in case your interested here are some of my favorite tweeters:

postsilence wizardishungry danishpoet seandonson jonbro douggpound ericwareheim timheidecker eastvillageboys faketv jonathanandbpro michaelianblack sarah_haskins frankmusik therealpresets

just to name a few. Also my favorite URL shortening site: http://tr.im

not the end.


Ian France said...

i'm sorry 2 hear u won't be posting so much music anymore, u really have posted some awesome stuff. ur art's great though, and I'm looking forward to that, but NOW i may have to put u under my "BLOGS THAT AREN'T ABOUT MUSIC BUT STILL REALLY AWESOME" category.

Anywho, even though those big blogs like Bigstereo and Missingtoof are all the shiznit now a days, we little guys really think about what we post before we post it, while they're sponsored and all that crap and have a sh*t load of music that they post, most of it not even being any GOOD. da little guys are the ones who matter.

I'm really getting into this, I think I'll do a post on it!

not the end.

this must have been the longest comment i've EVER written. XD