Apr 22, 2008


I was immersed in a beautiful Dream at the The Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder this Sunday. My only crutch is that I did not appear earlier and only caught the last two and a half hours of the show. The festival as a whole was a lucid, integral, phantasma of beautiful IDM, downtempo, techno, and ungenrable electronic music, however, the music, in the sun, on this beautiful April, 20th was particularly surreal and a personal highlight. My good friend SMIRK played some beautiful mnml sounds that blew souls away, followed there after with a BANGIN techno set by Bruno Pronsato that blew our minds away!

Other highlights included Tipper @ the Boulder Theatre; Pole at Trilogy Wine Bar for the Finale; and too many other amazing artists to catalog.

One of my favorite aspects of the Festival was that some of the local talent such as Brandon Brown, Tom Hoche and CacheFlowe brought some of my favorite sound elements to the celebration.

Thank you COMMUNIKEY I cannot wait for CMKYFEST09!! (more deets)



joshua. said...

hey johnny, thank you for all of your good energy this weekend! you rule! thanks for the pics, yay! way rad to get to hang out with you what little i got to :)

now where is my scarf!?!?

johnElectric said...

techno-scarves will be under way soon!