Jun 11, 2008


dont tell your parents you're watching this

Brad Neely - Prisoner Christmas (mp3)
(pending upload to server)

Brad Neely is so bad ass he ate ten eyeball donuts while casting spells at eleven witches dressed in a suit made out of salami. He is so bad ass that the elven zombies of minneapolis made him a necktie that attracts heathen woman at his beck an call as a gift to his glory. When he takes off his clothes he smells like molasses cookies and ham, dogs and cats come from miles just to lick his barren anatomy... ... ...

!!!he makes web comics!!!


He does videomovies on SuperDeluxe which is an online Adult Swim spin-off with related features of Tim And Eric from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and cartoon shorts by assorted retards/artists. You may also want to check out Chasing Donovan on SuperDeluxe.

Brad Neely did a vigilante re-dub of the ever popular Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone entitled "Wizard People, Dear Reader"... I need to do a full screening... Tea Party at Johnny's House, bring your unicorns and favorite fun-time doll!! You can get the sound here. The streamable version is available via youtube here.

heres a sample for your wizarding pleasures

Yeah... Brad Neely...


J-chot said...

I would have tipped you off to his comics earlier had I known.

I like the piper leading the male dancers off the cliff.

Andy said...

adult swim addition? funnier than much of what i have seen from them recently.