Jun 17, 2008


(animation by Josh23)

This weekend was absurd! Gemini was a magnificent, beautiful, spiritual exodus in the woods just outside Boulder. The private land that has hosted Gemini for ten years now holds a power that no other could contain. This was my first year. I am so happy to have been a part of this event. Huge ups to Josh23, Attentat and Ten & Tracer, your music was awesome and inspiring! Happy Birthday Roy, great show! Thank you Kate for letting me volunteer for this, and everyone for having open arms to this newcomer. Some of you have been doing this for a ridiculous amount of time and I'm so glad to be embraced by people that I love and respect so much! Ah... Ok, sappy enough? Pictures: soon.

So, after my gallivant in the woods, I have returned to the city life and could not let the party stop until I'd seen CRYSTAL CASTLES @ CERVANTES, and zOh. Em. Gee. It was one of the wildest thirty minute performances I've ever seen. I was right up front, Alice kept falling into the crowd of pining hands, brandishing a vocoder seeping out the lyrics from CrimeWaves and Untrust Us. My personal favorite was her performance of Alice Practice, possibly because it is the least distorted vocal track of the duo (acutally they had a drummer at this particular event). Ethan and the drummer stood in the din of darkness while Alice, like a drunken, screaming goddess pivoted all over the stage producing ghostly lyrics unbeknownst to the world and a cascade of strobes and LEDs. Bangin.